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We are Wawood, an independent studio specialized in fashion, culture, and lifestyle.

We develop strategies where graphic and conceptual universes generate emotional, positive, and consistent experiences that impact culturally.

We strongly believe that behind a great brand are great people.

Our mission is to provide a balance between brand, product, and strategy.



We are a creative studio driven by research and a deep understanding of each project's unique personality. We create 100% bespoke proposals and give each of our clients a unique voice to generate emotional, commercial, and cultural connections.


Brand Research

Brand Strategy


Branded Content

Social Media Design.


Art Direction

Mood Boards

Prints & Patterns

Design Illustration


Logo & Visual Identity

Brand Assets

Tone of Voice

Verbal Identity

Social Media Imagery.

We create visual universes while cultivating your brand's culture. Through strategic and creative resources, we produce engaging experiences that align business objectives with inspiration and creativity.

We deeply comprehend cultural and social dynamics to imagine powerful and meaningful narratives. That is why, through dialogue, research, and strategy, we create 100% bespoke stories that highlight our clients' intangible essence.

Everyone has a story. At Wawood Studio we make yours shine.

Our Clients

About us

Cultural Creativity

We are designers, communication strategists, creators, publicists and trendsetters specialized in different areas and situated in different locations across the world. We are united by the love, the experience and the passion for design as well as our attention to detail.


Founder and Creative Director

A magazine, a person walking down the street, a work of art in a museum.... every little detail is for me a universe of inspiration that leads me to imagine, create, and seek forms from artistic and creative expressions. This has always been my way of understanding the world.

Investigating social and cultural trends drives my passion as a Creative Director. From a deep understanding of the human condition, I create unique concepts for each project that seek a balance between visual expression, strategic communication, and business, a combination with a profound transformational value for brands.

I have been working for more than 15 years in different exploration areas such as fashion,advertising, photography, and design. Working and living in cities as Bogota, Madrid, Paris, and now Lyon has given me the wonderful possibility to combine my career with an explosion of hybrid, cultural and creative visions that enrich my work.

Education is one of my true loves; therefore, I have been teaching for the last few years.I was the Professor of the “Trends for the 21st Century” for the Fashion Business programme at Esmod Fashion School and I let the “Fashion Editorial/Advertising Photography” workshops for the Art Direction Master programmes at Bellecour École in Lyon.



French Translator & Writer 

I am a graphic designer passionate about creating things from scratch, a blank screen is a universe of possibilities for me. After Working in big agencies and design studios I decided to become my own boss. I love the freedom of being able to create from a new place every day. I love knowing all that I can contribute and learn from each of my clients. I feel a deep enthusiasm to see the whole process of transformation and turn an idea into something that can be seen, touched, felt ... My mission is to find ways for brands to come to life and fulfill
the dreams of those who work every day to make their projects a reality.

Ivette Seferian

Branding & Packaging

I am a graphic designer passionate about creating things from scratch, a blank screen is a universe of possibilities to me. After working in big agencies and design studios I decided to become my own boss. I adore the freedom of taking my laptop and work from a new place each day, my mission is to help clients to see the materialization of their brands come to life.

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Directrice Artistique


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