The Studio

We are a studio specializing in fashion and we focus on exploring details, shapes and messages that can positively transform products and  the communication strategies  of the brands that we work with.

We are a multicultural group of curious individuals who are dedicated to bringing to life the creative expressions that transform the value promise of our clients into products, images and messages. Our positive, human and consistent perspective allows us to do this effectively.  


The foundation of every project that we work on is the search for a positive change in the relationship between people and the business activity and communication strategy of our clients.


These are our three main areas of activity:

Creative direction

Trends research & Mood boards. 

Photography Art Direction.

Lookbook | Catalogue.

Visual Identity.

logo  |  labelling & packaging.

Styling & Communication Consulting.

Fashion Design

Women’s collections.

Boys & Girls collections. 

Fashion basics T-shirt & Tops collection.    

Capsule collections.

Technical files for all categories.

Prints and graphics

Graphic Trends research.

Collection Storytelling.

Placement Prints.

All over patterns.

Development of added value:
( embroidery, applications, patches )

Decoration Technical files 

Our belief that curiosity is the engine needed to create this change has allowed us to adapt our creative work and specialize in different types of expressions, formats and media. Each project that we work on is entirely unique and 100% tailored to the specific needs of our client and the opportunities that can bring life to their brand, their products and their messages.

Our clients

Group Kidiliz     |     Kenzo Kids     |     Paul Smith Junior     |     Chipie     |     Lili Gaufrette   

Disneyland Paris     |     MiniLove     |     Caroline Takvorian     |     HappyStories    |    UpTextile

Bellecour École    |    Esmod École    
















About us

We are designers, communication strategists, creators, publicists and trendsetters specialized in different areas and situated in different locations across the world. We are united by the love, the experience and the passion for design as well as our attention to detail.

Ingrid ENGEL

Founder & Fashion Art Director

For 11 years I have focused my career on design, trends research, development of concepts from different industries and exploration areas such as fashion, illustration and advertising. I have been fortunate to be able to combine my professional career with a mix of cultural and creative visions thanks to cities like Bogotá, Madrid, Paris, and lastly Lyon, where I now devote all of my energy and time to my two eternal loves: my family and design.

This unexpected mix of sectors and experiences has enabled me to understand the transformative value of a brand that has the balance between visual expression, strategic communication and a business approach. This balance is the motor for our ideas and has defined the creative style that guides our work in Wawood Studio since its creation in 2015.

We work from France and Colombia for clients all over the world.
15 rue Curie - 69006 Lyon, France
M + 33 06 52 43 76 71 - T + 33 09 50 13 70 33

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